Multichannel Digital Recorders for Security and Communication

Advanced Technology for Radio and Telecommunications Recording

When telephone and radio communications take on vital importance for your business or for emergency and security situations, then it becomes essential to be able to document them reliably and accurately.

The reconstruction of events based on telephone and radio conversations cannot be reliably clarified by written notes and statements of people who, in the event of a dispute, rarely coincide.

The recording of communications, with date/time association, becomes essential for clarification, verification, analysis and transcriptions.

Compact and computerized systems – from 1 to 1000 channels

Operating with VOX / RING / SIGNAL

Over 300.000 hours of communications

Data storage on Hard Disk, CD or DVD, network NAS

LAN network connection – Client software

Built for 24/7/365 operation

Analog Lines, ISDN BRI – PRI, Special Devices, VoIP SIP Channels, Radio Channels


Public Security and Emergency services

Control centers need TEMA TDR recorder technology to record and archive all emergency calls, radio communications and other telephone calls.

The data associated with the recorded communications (Date/Hour/Minute/Sec., Caller number, radio frequency, channel number, operator position) allow you to subsequently perform an intelligent search according to numerous criteria to find the required communications quickly and comfortable.

The "Instant Listening" function allows you to listen to the latest communications received in case of doubt or misunderstanding. The historical archive of recordings on modern and comfortable DVDROM, DVD-RAM and DVD-RW media represents a guarantee for checks and any future investigations.

Air and Sea Traffic Control

In accordance with the international directives on air and sea traffic control, all communications between air and land and between ships and port should be recorded and archived for no less than 30 days in order to be listened to in the event of any investigations.

TEMA TDR series recording systems are ideal for this type of application, and they also allow immediate playback of a communication in case of misunderstanding or signal disturbance.

Financial Transactions

Voice and data recording has become a must and, in some states such as Europe, a legal necessity for all banks, stock brokerage firms and insurance companies.

The ability to immediately listen to a communication from a broker or an order from a customer communicated verbally is essential to avoid misunderstandings that would lead to unpleasant consequences. The individual historical archive of recorded communications can produce irrefutable evidence in the event of disputes..

Tertiary and Services

Customer calls for service interruptions, radio communications with mobile service units and more are part of the daily business of service sector operators, such as supplies or connections for public or private entities.

The immediate replay of a communication can immediately clarify operational aspects, the historical archive of communications will prove to be an irreplaceable tool in the event of disputes or legal practices.

Call Center

Customer calls for teleshopping, technical assistance, support, tollfree numbers, complaints. The recording can take place "on demand", or activated by the operator, or continuously directly on the telephone line with the acquisition of information on the calling number and the number called.



Compact Multichannel
1 - 8 channels


Tower Multichannel
4 - 16 channels


Rack 19" Multichannel
4 - 48 channels


Personal USB Recorder



Passive adapter for connecting a telephone set to a recorder


Active mixer-adapter for connection of devices to be monitored by recorders

Compact Multichannel Recorder
TDR 40

TDR40 is the new TEMA integrated digital system for recording and indexing audio-radio-telephone calls on analog lines, ISDN BRI or mixed configurations, and is particularly suitable for all applications that require extremely reduced dimensions and consumption, ease of use, immediate listening to the latest communications, reliability, access security and low cost.

TDR40 stands out for its ease of use, thanks to the op-eration via keyboard and the display accessible on the front panel, while the cutting-edge DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology makes the system efficient and flexible for future needs.

The recorder can also be managed remotely via PC with the TDR-40ARC software (“server” software that locally stores and updates the recordings of up to 8 TDR40 recorders) and TDR-40WS (which allows ad-vanced functions such as use of filters in the search for archived communications, the replay and addition of markers and transcripts to the conversations of in-terest and the management of multi-user access to the archive).

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Technical specifications

Tower/Rack Multichannel Recorder
TDR 4000 / 4400

TDR4000 (Compact Tower Computer) is an integrated digital system for recording and indexing audio-radio-telephone calls and particularly suitable for all applications that require from 4 to 32 channels, both analogue and digital ISDN or in mixed configuration with VoIP SIP, H323, MGCP, NSIP channels, HFA.

TDR4400 (Rack 19″ 4U) allows you to record on all connected lines simultaneously with an autonomy of over 300,000 hours before the old communications are canceled.

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Technical specifications



USB TDR-P Recorder

Thanks to TDR Personal there will no longer be the risk of forgetting agreements made or making mistakes of interpretation in the communications. TDR-P records all calls made and received, or records only the desired ones on command. Thanks to TDR Personal, you will not longer have communication misunderstandings.

TDR-P records automatically all incoming/outgoing calls or just those you wish to manually record. The hardware interface connects to the handset of the telephone device in use, of any type (analog, digital, Special, VoIP) and via USB to the PC where the recording software is installed. Alternatively, TDR-P can also be connected in parallel to an analog telephone line or to a Pbx extension.

The hardware device does NOT require a power supply as it is powered directly from the computer’s USB port. A built-in microphone also allows you to record handsfree calls, conference calls or simply take voice notes. The recording software is Plug & Play installing, easy to use and powerful in performance.

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