Audio Amplifier on DIN rail e PA diffusion Speakers

The systems of the AD300 series are designed for sound diffusion, reproduction of speech and music, extremely small dimensions and suitable for mounting inside electrical panels equipped with DIN bar

Highly reliable

All systems are built using the latest digital technology and ensure high quality audio reproduction

High quality systems

The loudspeakers from the best quality third-party manufacturers that are best suited to PA amplifiers, speakers and TEMA VoIP SIP systems

Automatic announcer with voice messages

Integration with the security system

Telephone interfaces for PA amplification systems

DIN Amplifier

AD300 SERIES are Audio diffusion systems dedicated at speech & music reproduction, extremely reduced in dimensions suitable for mounting in electric cabinets on standard DIN rail.

All products are developed and manufactured using the latest digital audio technology offering the best audio quality, other than efficiency and very low power consumption.

AD300 series consists of 15-30W power amplifiers with cascade installation feature to increase and well distribute audio power, power trasformers for 100V constant audio lines, Loudspeakers and Horns indoor/outdoor, 220Vca Power supply fit on standard DIN rail modules, accessories.


Audio Amplifier


Audio power transformer


Audio signal isolation transformer


Power protected relay

PA Interfaces

Voice announcements on PA amplifiers systems and speakers via telephone call from an extension of the PBX from fixed network or mobile network


Telephone interface


Telephone interface

Paging Microhone Base for Announcements