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Announcements Paging and sending of Multicast audio

ADAM is also an Encoder in Multicast channels capable of transmitting announcements from a local microphone connected to the PC on different priority multicast channels, or programmed reception zones, thus transforming the PC into a multi-zone microphone console for the transmission of announcements or pre-recorded audio files. The sending operation can be performed in a few seconds and is interrupted with a simple click.

Audio Quality

The audio of the digital transmission can be chosen in a range up to 44.1KHz for maximum sound quality over LAN.

Software developed in Italy

The software is entirely developed in Italy by TEMA which guarantees the upgrade of the performances and the support over time.


With ADAM, creating PA paging systems on the LAN has never been so easy.

The use of the existing infrastructure avoids the laying of expensive cables and makes the installation of the system fast, inexpensive and scalable, with a noticeable increase in the quality of the transmitted audio.

Total control of Tema IP audio terminals in the Network

Devices search on the network

This function activates the search for all TEMA IP Audio devices in the local network. The devices are listed with the respective serial number or, at the user's choice, with a description programmed by the user himself in the device, for example the planimetric position can be indicated (Warehouse 1, Warehouse 2, Meeting room, etc.)

Display of main device parameters

With a simple click on the chosen device the main information’s are shown: model, firmware version, serial number, MAC ad-dress, IP address.

Audio volume adjusting

On the selected device, it is possible to increase or decrease the output audio volume.

Messages playing

In each of the Tema IP audio terminals, it is possible to load up to 6 pre-recorded audio files (Messages, Sounds, Music) and launch them manually from the centralized location with the ADAM software.

Configuration backup and restore

Save and restore the configuration of the device for security reasons.

Microphone announcements and audio file sending

Announcements from local microphone

With this function it is possible with a simple click to send an announcement from the local microphone connected to the PC to a specific Multicast channel with priority over the music channels, in this way any background music is interrupted in the remote devices and the microphone audio will be sent. At the end of the announcement, the music will be restored. It is also possible to send a warning tone (Chime) before start-ing the announcement. The type of warning tone can be se-lected in the configuration mask among several available.

Sending of pre-recorded audio files

As an alternative to a microphone announcement, it is possible to select an audio file from a PC folder and send it in streaming on a Multicast channel. Audio files can be WAV or MP3. It is possible to choose both the Multicast channel on which to send announcements or audio files and the sound quality of the stream.

Multi-Zone Microphone Console

Extreme operational simplicity

With the "Console" function of ADAM launch an announcement from the local mi-crophone to a specific area is an operation that requires just one click on the but-ton of the desired area, then it is possible to start talking in the microphone and ending with another click. It is also possible to send a warning tone (Chime) before starting the announcement. The type of tone can be selected in the configuration among different available.

Announcements on multiple zones at the same time

With the same simplicity it is possible to select the zones and start talking in the microphone, another click ends the operation.

Sending of pre-recorded audio files

It may be useful to have pre-recorded audio files to be sent to the IP speakers of the zones at the desired times. Simply select and load the desired audio file from a PC folder into ADAM and activate the sending with just one click.

Automatic interlock

If a second ADAM station broadcasts on a specific multicast address already engaged, the same is momentarily blocked.

2nd Multicast Stream

Generazione 2° Stream Audio Multicast (Useful for background Music)

Adam is able to capture in digital format any audio content played at that moment on the PC capturing it from its sound card, in this way it is possible to activate a second Multicast Stream that can be sent to a specific IP address normally used by receivers for background music. For example, if the PC is playing a radio or TV channel streamed from the internet, the content will be sent on the established Multicast channel and played by all the Tema AD600 series decoders in the LAN network enabled for the service. With ADAM, the PC also becomes a multimedia station for the transmission of mu-sic and media content on the LAN.

Internet Radio and TV streaming, Youtube, Spotify, iTunes, Playlist, CD players, USB, local Smart Cards, etc.


Sending of pre-recorded audio files at scheduled times or days

With this function it is possible to program the sending of pre-recorded audio files to the desired times and possibly repeat them on the preset days. It is also possible to schedule the announcement of announcements at pre-established intervals, for example, as a promotion program produced in supermarkets, the notice of term lectures in a school, a signal for the end of working hours, etc. There are no limits in the number of programmable audio files available online in the programming mask of the ADAM software.

Import/Export of scheduled programs

With the "Export" and "Import" keys it is possible to export an XML file that charac-terizes a scheduling program in such a way as to be imported at the same ADAM station or in any other ADAM station on the network.

Audio file sequences (PlayList)

Immediate sending of audio files sequences

With this function it is possible to program the sending of audio files that can be consecutive timed messages or music files such as Play List. The programmed se-quences can be activated in manual mode or called up from the "Scheduling" pro-gram even at pre-established days and times. Within a sequence, the individual files can be freely moved with the use of position arrows. There are no limits in the number of audio files that can be programmed within a specific sequence. Thanks to the "Import" and "Export" functions, the programmed sequences can be archived, recalled or managed by different computers with in-stalled ADAM software. The audio file sequences can be output consecutively or randomly and in "Endless" mode. It is possible to suspend the issue and resume it with the appropriate keys.

Audio Clips for immediate sending

Programmable memories of pre-recorded audio files for instant sending

The function allows to record messages through the microphone, store them on disk and recall them for immediate sending to a specific zone or in general to all zones. There are 16 memory areas in which it is possible to store audio content (messages but also music) with duration of each file up to 30 minutes. The sending can be interrupted at any time.

The use of this feature is particularly useful in very large environments with accen-tuated reverberations, where is required a considerable power of the amplifiers with many speakers and it is not possible to avoid noise of the microphone, if not with expensive control equipment: in this way you record the message and send it in deferred mode, when the microphone is no longer active. Other use include sending of standard repetitive messages and in different languages.

Messages recorded with the "Memory" function can be exported in WAV files with an appropriate file name to create an archive of audio messages that can be im-ported at any time in a memory area and used. The operation is also possible "of-fline" with the PC not connected to the network, using ADAM as an audio recorder.

Activation of the relays

Remote activation of the relays of all Tema terminals in the LAN network

From the ADAM installed in a PC, it is possible to select each individual AA-5xx or AD6xx terminal in the LAN and operate the equipped relays with a simple click on the position of the respective relay. In the same way the relay can be deactivated indifferently from the set timing.

Monitor of Multicast transmissions From version 1.05

Configurazione ADAM
Monitor on the LAN of all Tema terminals that are currently transmitting on the network on Multicast channels

With the "Monitor" function of ADAM it is possible to display all the Tema devices on the network that at a given moment are transmitting audio in Multicast chan-nels. The address of the transmitter terminal, the Multicast channel used, the de-scription of the terminal, its serial number and the sampling frequency of the tran-smitted audio are displayed. In this way it is possible to locate and monitor all Mul-ticast transmissions in a simple and fast way.

VoIP SIP & Peer-to-Peer Calls From version 1.05

VoIP SIP and P2P calls to and from all network terminals

The function allows making and receiving calls to all AD600 and AA-500/AA-600 series terminals on the network, whether registered in an IP-PBX or, failing that, in P2P (Peer-to-Peer) to the IP address of the terminals.
All terminals can call ADAM at the number assigned in the PBX or in P2P at the IP address of the PC where ADAM is installed. Of course ADAM can also communicate with any telephone in the internal telephone network if registered in the IP-PBX, or in P2P mode.

Viewing cameras
From version 1.05

Display of cameras in Tema video door entry devices

ADAM is able to display the cameras present in the Tema AA-500 / AA-600 series IP video door entry devices on the network, even without establishing a communication: the camera images are always received, even with the video-entry phone at rest. Compatible video protocols are: H263, H264, H264 +, MPeg.

AA-546 Video citofono con tastiera lettore rfid 4 tasti

Digital Audio up to 44,1KHz, MP3
From version 1.05

logo wav
logo mp3
Max sound quality transmitted, both for announcements and for music

ADAM is able to make vocal announcements from the local microphone at the hi-ghest quality and intelligibility for a crystal-clear sound, it can also transmit pre-recorded audio files (Voice and/or music) both in Windows WAV and MP3 format, performed with any sampling from 8KHz to 44,1KHz.


Performances ADAM
Free (*)
Micro 3 Zones
Console 16P
Console 32P
Console 64P
Console 128P
Devices search on the LAN network
Display of devices data
Configuration Backup/Restore
Stream volume adjustment
Web connection to the device
Scheduling, Sequences
Launch of messages 1-6
Launch of PC audio file
Generating an audio stream “Live”
VoIP SIP & P2P Calls (V1.05)
Microphone function for 3 zones
16-zone Console, Memories
32-zone Console, Memories
64-zone Console, Memories
128-zone Console, Memories (**)

( * ) The ADAM software and complete documentation can be downloaded free of charge from the Tema website in the full version (ADAM-16) usable for a duration of 30 days. After 30 days, if the license is not purchased, the FREE version will remain active for the supervision of all devic-es and base functions (see table above).

(**) ADAM versions with Console function are available over 128 zones/buttons up to over 1.024 zones


Audio Digitization 8 – 16 – 32 – 44,1KHz – WAV, MP3
Codec G711, G722, Linear PCM
Number of manageable terminals over 1.000 IP audio terminals in the network
Compatibility Tema AD600, AA-500-600 products series
Availability/Licenses free full version downloadable via Web for 30 days, can be converted on a fee at the expiration
Access with multilevel password and administrator-programmable privileges
Videoconsole software included, 16 selectable zones or groups
VoIP support including SIP protocol for integration with any type of IP-PBX on the market
Languages English, Italian
Software customization on request it is possible to realize software on customer’s specifications


Operating system Windows 7/8/10 or higher
CPU better than 2,8 GHz
Hard disk capacity 250GB minimum
RAM 4 GB, suggested 8 GB
LAN network board standard 100Mbit/Gigabit
Audio board SB Windows compatible
Microphone jack 3,5mm input
Line output jack 3,5mm – 0dB 150 Ohm
Speakers local, standard stereo
Monitor VGA 800×600 minimum
Keyboard, Mouse standard

The TEMA complete solutions offer

Tema produces all the necessary components for the realization of IP Paging systems on the LAN network, integrated with the VoIP tele-phone system, the security system and video surveillance.