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The IP-SIP AD639SR loudspeaker, in IP56 enclosure, is part of a series of TEMA loudspeakers to be connected in a standard LAN network and is particularly suitable as a SIP repeater for incoming overtime telephone calls.

The system is activated when an incoming call arrives and emits tones or audio files prerecorded in its memory, easily replaceable via web browser.

External events

AD639SR is equipped with an auxiliary input for an external command, for example the entrance bell, to signal the visitor with a different sound from that of the telephonic call. It also integrates 2 programmable relays to activate external light indicators or other devices.

Light indicators

The system can be equipped with a multi-colored LED light to add an optical signal to the acoustic sound.

Simple installation

The installation simply consists of connecting AD639R to the LAN and registering it on an IP-PBX in the "Night" ringer group. The power supply can be supplied on the same UTP network cable by a PoE switch, or by an external 230Vac power supply in the Tema catalog, in this case the sound power will be higher.

Integration with VoIP SIP phone systems

AD639SR can be perfectly integrated with VoIP telephone systems (IP-PBX) with SIP protocol and can be registered as a regular VoIP phone or P2P Peer to Peer without a PBX.

Applications and Target

Operation as a SIP repeater

Following a call, AD639SR will make a loud sound contained in its memory and, at the same time, activate a LED or a FLASH warning light, if provided.
A second relay, which can also be activated by the presence of a SIP call, can be used for other external drives.

Numerous sound files supplied

The supply includes a large variety of sounds and ringtones ready in the format compatible with AD639R and with different characteristics according to the needs. Replacing the ringtone sound file is extremely simple and fast thanks to the AD639R embedded Web server.

Alarm signaling with telephone alert

AD639R can also be activated by an external signal being equipped with a special input to which an alarm contact, a sensor or a push button can be connected.


The AD639SR can simultaneously be used as an announcer to receive audio from a microphone on the network or from a SIP telephone equipped with the Multicast function, which will be played on the speaker.

Technical features

LAN, protocols TCP/IP Network 10/100BaseTx, SIP 2.0
Protection degree/impact resistance IP56/IK08
Power supply PoE, Injector PoE or ext. power supply
PoE 802.3af class 0 12,95W
External power supply (Opt.) 230Vac/12-24Vdc-1-2A
Security access through password, Activity log
Inputs from external alarm commands 1
Contact rating of the 2 internal relays max 30Vdc – 1,5A
Container Halogen free Technopolymer EN60754-2
Operating temperature from -25° to +60°C
Storage temperature from -25° to +65°C
Umidity up to 100%
Dimensions 119x159x70mm
Weight 1,8 Kg
Audio amplifier40W (Ext.P.Supply) “D” Class (10W PoE)
Bandwidth350 – 6.000Hz
Sound pressure(SPL)100 dB (1KHz/1 meter)
Messages/Tones1 prerecorded into the internal SD
Visual signalsactive call LED
Optional signal lightsXenon Flash, Multicolor LEDs
Programmingweb interface with login
TechnologyIMX25 400MHz CPU
Memory256MB Ram, Micro-SD Flash 2GB
ConnectionSIP Server (IPPBX) or P2P (Peer To Peer)
Installationwall mount, adjustable with access. (Option)
Originentirely developed and manufactured in Italy
Warranty2 years, possibility of extension (option)
CampatibilityCE, ROHS


Without flashing light
With orange LED flashing light
With transparent Xenon Flash light
With red Xenon Flash light

Optionals and Software


PoE Injector 230Vac/ 48Vdc-12,95W


DIN rail 230Vca/24Vdc-1,5A Power supply


Flashing orange LED, external installation


FLASH transparent Xenon flashing light, external installation


Flashing red Xenon FLASH, external installation


Adjustable support in horizontal and vertical, grey color, 5 kg capacity


Illuminatore LED multicolore. Colori e lampeggi programmabili.

AD696/CT4 - CT8

PoE console with cardioid electret microphone for SIP and Multicast calls, 12-28 Zones


Advanced software for complete management of all terminals and multi-zone microphone consoles

Smartphone APP

iOS, Android, Windows

Device Scan

Portable software to search for all Tema systems on the network, with display of the IP ad-dress, MAC address, serial number S/N, device name, description. It is possible to quickly change the IP address and Subnet Mask or set the system in DHCP.


RT037-Apt buzzer-8K-2s
RT012-M12 ringlongHI-8K-6s
RB014-Campanello-sveglia clock-8K-6s