The revolution of IP-SIP audio systems over LAN

The AD600 audio Over IP SIP systems loudspeakers and modules are advanced devices that can be connected in a standard LAN for bi-directional communications and public broadcasting (PA-Audio Paging) of announcements, speech and music, in offices, factories, public and outdoor venues.

sistemi audio over ip sipcomstage

highly reliable

The components used in AD600 devices classified with IP66 protection are highly reliable and resistant to humidity, suitable for use even in difficult environmental conditions.


The components used guarantee audio reproduction in selectable formats from pure telephone quality to the highest quality of music with 20KHz bandwidth in CD quality.


With SipComStage speakers you can communicate hands-free as they are equipped with an integrated microphone that allows two-way communication.


The AD600 SipComStage series allows you to monitor each workstation and intervene with deterrent messages if necessary.

Altamente affidabili

I componenti utilizzati nei dispositivi AD600 classificati con protezione IP66 sono altamente affidabili e resistenti all’umidità, adatti all’impiego anche in condizioni ambientali difficili.

Sistema di alta qualità

I componenti utilizzati garantiscono la riproduzione audio in formati selezionabili dalla pura qualità telefonica alla massima qualità della musica con banda passante di 22KHz a qualità CD.

Comunicazioni Bidirezionali

Con gli altoparlanti SipComStage si può comunicare in vivavoce poiché sono dotati di un microfono integrato che permette la comunicazione bidirezionale.

Integrazione con l’impianto di Sicurezza

La seria AD630 SipComStage permette di monitorare in audio ogni postazione ed intervenire con messaggi di dissuasione in caso di necessità.

ad630 Tromba IP-SIP 20W amplificatore 2x20W da esterno

IP SIP Speakers

The most complete range of IP SIP Speakers for all needs


Software and App

Advanced software for complete management of all terminals and multi-zone microphone consoles

IP Amplifier and Encoder

Migrate your existing audio system to LAN technologies

Microphone Bases and Console

Microphone bases and multi-zone console for announcements sending

Why an innovative "SipComStage" audio system over the LAN?

Scalability, Flexibility

From the smallest to the largest system, the passage only involves the availability of the PoE LAN network socket where to connect the new AD600 series active diffusion unit. No centralized amplifier, no battery, no new network cable. The expansion of the plant is simple since the systems are networked and the power will be distributed according to the area to be served.

Reliability, PoE Power Supply

The AD600 series has been designed for H24/365 operation, can be powered via PoE on the same LAN cable as the data, can be remotely controlled thanks to the integrated Web server and advanced management software Tema ADAM. Versions with IP66 protection suitable for use even in difficult environmental conditions.

Easy to use and manage

In addition to the simplicity of installation and commissioning, SipComStage systems also differ in ease of use, very intuitive and extremely easy to manage the plant, from any geographical location, with practically zero costs in terms of management and maintenance.

2-way Communications

With SipComStage speakers it is possible to "speak" hands-free as they are equipped with a built-in microphone that allows two-way communication following a SIP phone call, both with terminals registered in the IP-PBX and stand-alone in P2P (Peer-to-Peer).


SipComStage greatly elevates the security level of IP alarm and video surveillance systems and allows audio monitoring of each location and sending deterrent messages in case of need.

High Sound Quality

The used components guarantee audio reproduction in formats selectable from the G711/G722 phone quality to the highest quality of music with 44.1KHz CD sampling.

Infinite applications in every sector: civil, commercial, industrial


Broadcast of service and security announcements, start/end lessons announcements, broadcast of multimedia contents, interactive room lessons.

Commercial exercises

Background music, scheduled promotional announcements or immediate broadcast, public information notices.

Video surveillance

When a suspicious activity is detected through the cameras, the operator can activate deterrent announcements or send a message directly.

Hospitals, Specialist clinics

Service announcements in hospitals, specialist clinics, nursing homes, people search, public information broadcast in waiting rooms.


Broadcast of sound and safety announcements in industrial plants, factories, production halls, chemical plants.


Broadcast of service and safety announcements in specific offices by work area, repetition of out-of-hours telephone calls, background music.

Fitness and Wellness Centers

Differentiated music by activity areas, service announcements, multimedia content broadcast, internet radio.

Railway Stations

In the railway and underground stations messages about arrivals/departures and information of warning and utility to the passengers.

The most complete range of IP SIP Speakers for all needs

Integration with IP-PBX and Security system

The AD600 series active loudspeakers integrate perfectly with any type of VoIP SIP PBX on the market and can be easily programmed in the same way as a normal SIP VoIP telephone. The P2P protocol (Peer-to-Peer) for calls without PBX is also supported.

Pre-recorded messages

Sounds and messages are recorded in the internal memory for automatic or external command sending, even automatically at set times.

”ADAM” centralized management software

Audio Domain & Access Management is a software that allows you to monitor and interact with all the systems on the network. Transform a PC into a control station with a 16 to 256 zone microphone console for multicast announcements or P2P phone calls.

APP for iOS and Android Smartphones

With the free Tema Apps it is possible to work with IP speakers on the network and launch announcements even from any Smartphone/Tablet.

ad630 Tromba IP-SIP 20W amplificatore 2x20W da esterno

AD630S - SA

Outdoor IP-SIP 30W Horn 2x20W Amplifier


Indoor/Ceiling IP-SIP 12W Speaker 2x10W Amplifier


Outdoor IP-SIP 30W Sound Projector 2x20W Amplifier


Indoor/Ceiling IP-SIP 12W Speaker 2x10W Amplifier


Outdoor/Wall mounting IP-SIP 30W Speaker 2x20W Amplifier


Wall mounting IP-SIP 30W Call Repeater

ADAM Audio Domain & Access Management
Advanced software for complete management of all terminals and multi-zone microphone consoles

With ADAM it has never been easier to build your audio Over IP SIP system integrated on the LAN network. The use of the existing infrastructure avoids the laying of expensive cables and makes the installation of the system fast, economical and scalable.

Announcements broacast in Multicast streaming

ADAM is also an Encoder in Multicast channels capable of transmitting announcements from a local microphone connected to the PC on different priority multicast channels, or programmed reception zones, thus transforming the PC into a multi-zone microphone con-sole for the transmission of announcements or pre-recorded audio files. The sending operation can be performed in a few seconds and is interrupted with a simple click.

Audio Quality

Transmitting audio can be chosen in a range from 8KHz up to at 44.1KHz for maximum quality.

Software developed in Italy

The software is entirely developed in Italy by TEMA which guarantees the upgrade of the performances and the support over time.

ADAM is a system without limits

No limit to the number of ADAM software that can be installed on a PC on the LAN, over 1,000 manageable terminals. ADAM transforms a PC into a control console for the entire Audio IP system, and in perfect SIP integration with the telephone and security system.

Encoder/Decoder Module for driving passive speakers and traditional analog amplifiers

These modules allow to protect your investment by converting amplifiers and speakers from your existing audio system into an audio Over IP SIP system, and to be able to progressively migrate to LAN technologies


IP SIP PoE Audio Amplifier 4W (2x2W)


IP SIP PoE Audio Amplifier 10W (2x5W)


IP SIP PoE Audio Amplifier 40W (2x20W)


Encoder Multicast analog to digital

Microphone bases and multi-zone consoles for announcements sending


Microphone PC base for software ADAM


Paging Microhone Base for Announcements


Paging Microhone Base for Announcements and Chime

ad696-ct multizone announcements console


Multicast Consoles & SIP 4-8-256 Zones

Customer Support

TEMA offers advice and expertise to the customer to facilitate the design of new installations or adaptation of old systems. Do not hesitate to consult us for any need.