Indoor/Outdoor/Wall IP SIP Speaker

The AD638 IP-SIP loudspeaker is part of a series of TEMA loudspeakers to be connected in a standard LAN for public address Paging (PA) audio announcements, prerecorded messages and music, in offices, companies, hotels, medical clinics, hospitals, public places, schools, etc.

AD638 is particularly suitable when sound power and high sound quality is required at the same time with a pleasant and attractive design. The system, unlike the other models in the series, incorporates 2 speakers for low-medium and high frequencies sounds.

Applications and Target

Power Amplifier Technology

A double Class "D" Amplifier with high efficiency and low consumption can generate a maximum output power of 12W (2x6W) 8 ohms with high sound quality.

iOS and Android APP

The APPs for smartphones with iOS and Android operating systems are available for free download. With these applications it is possible to operate the IP loudspeakers on the network and launch announcements even from smartphones.

Integration with VoIP SIP phone systems

AD638 can be perfectly integrated with VoIP telephone systems (IPPBX) with SIP protocol and can be registered as a regular VoIP phone or P2P (Peer to Peer) without a PBX.

Special applications

Remote alerts for intruder deterrence, automated emergency messages, notifications to security staff for requests for help and immediate interventions.

Packing List

1 IP VoIP SIP AD638W or B (white-black) Speaker
1 Paper manual
1 CD-ROM with complete documentation

Innovative features and performance

Ideal for creating Paging PA (Public Address) audio systems of any size using the existing LAN network infrastructure! Perfectly integrated with the PBX and the security system.

Technical features

LAN, protocols TCP/IP Network 10/100BaseTx, SIP 2.0
Grade of protection IP65
Power Supply PoE, Injector PoE or ext power supply
PoE IEEE802.3af class 0
External Power Supply (Opt.) 230Vac/12-24Vdc-1-2A
Password access, activity logs
Inputs from external alarm commands 1
Inputs for diversified call buttons 1
Contact rating of the 2 internal relays max 30Vdc – 1,5A
IMX25 400MHz processor
256MB Ram, Micro-SD Flash 2GB
Housing material Abs
Operating temperature from -20° to +55°C
Storage temperature from -20° to +65°C
up to 100%
wall mount, including Horiz./Vert. adj. bracket
190 x 195 x 290mm
3,3Kg including bracket
Audio Amplifier 40W (Ext. Pwr Supply) Class “D” (10W PoE)
Acoustic unit impedance 8 Ohm
Audio Bandwidth 50 – 20.000Hz
Acoustic pressure (SPL) 93 dB A (1KHz at 1 meter)
Internal Microphone omnidirectional electret 30Hz-18KHz
Multicast Audio Streaming G711μ, G711a, G722, L16 8…44 kHz
Audio Communication Unidirectional and Bidirectional
Additional speakers 1 passive speaker 8 Ohm 20W
Messages/Sounds n. 6 pre-recorded into the internal SD
Connection SIP Server (IPPBX) or P2P (Peer To Peer)
Smartphone APP iOS, Android
Acoustic signaling call tones, ads Ding-dong
Visual signaling Active call led
Programming user-friendly web interface and passwords
Origin entirely developed and manufactured in Italy
Warranty 2 years, possibility of extension (option)
Compatibility CE, ROHS

Optionals and Software


Switching DIN Power Supply 220Vca/24Vcc-1,5A


Power relay repeater 230Vac/16A – 4KW


PoE Injector 230Vac/ 48Vdc-12,95W


DIN transformer 100V-30W audio line


Audio signal isolation transformer, ideal for signal relaunch to remote amplifiers

AD338/W - B

Passive Speaker 8Ω - 40W white - black


Flash lights with light bulb Xenon or High Brightness LEDs

AD696/CT4 - CT8

PoE console with cardioid electret microphone for SIP and Multicast calls, 12-28 Zones


Advanced software for complete management of all terminals and multi-zone microphone consoles

Smartphone App

iOS, Android, Windows

Device Scan

Portable software to search for all Tema systems on the network, with display of the IP ad-dress, MAC address, serial number S/N, device name, description. It is possible to quickly change the IP address and Subnet Mask or set the system in DHCP.