Special devices

Remote alarm devices for PBX analogue internal extension used for signaling states of necessity by activating a button, 1 line or 2 lines.


The AC-16 device is a small remote alarm system for analog extension of PBX (with DTMF dial tones) that not requires power supply as supplied by the same telephone line where it is connected. 

It can be used to signal states of emergency in hospital rooms, bathroom alarm in hotel rooms, nursing homes or service centers with people who can get help by pressing a button available to them. AC-16 can also be used in alarm/signaling systems in industrial/corporate environments. 

The device, connected to the internal telephone extension, is able to alert the staff that identifies the source of the call from the internal phone number of origin (even in the case of multiple devices installed in the same department). Otherwise, in the case of a single room to monitor, the identification of the source may be unnecessary, as one of the available went to the room to handle the request even if are present more than one remote alarm devices each one connected to a different extension of the PBX.


T12X-EMG is equipped with 2 analog telephone lines coming from Pbx and make emergency calls to programmed numbers using the second line when a call is recieved on the first line or a closed relay contact is connected to the alarm input of the device. T12X-EMG send also voice messages, recorded by customer on the internal non volatile memory, to the numbers programmed. The system is ideal for all applications where is necessary to make calls to programmed numbers with voice messages after an emegency event happens.