IP VoIP SIP AA-600/SM5x Module

The combination of IP Audio + IP Video + SIP VoIP technologies in Networking concentrated in a compact module to overcome the limits of creativity!


IP Audio IP Video VoIP SIP Multicast Web Relay PoE - 12/24V Alarm Input RS-485

The AA-600 series IP modules allow the creation of customized communication devices on a LAN network ranging from VoIP Video Doorphones telephony systems, hands-free intercoms, IP amplifiers for PA (Public Address Audio Paging) broadcasting of announcements and music, up to Actuator Systems of Security and Emergency. The modules are designed to be integrated into devices and systems customized by the customer, for example:

The AA-600 modules are two-way communication systems. In the simplest application it is sufficient to connect a microphone, a speaker and a button to create a complete VoIP SIP PoE communication system integrated in the LAN with 2 internal relays that can be remotely activated.

Basic configuration
Speaker + AA-600 Module + Microphone
ad697-ap3 speaker
aa697 microfono

For more realizations other accessories are available:

telecamera ad697
AA697-KV tastiera antivandalo
AA-697 montaggio su barra DIN

Applications of Communications, Security, Control & Signaling in LAN Network

Integration in telephone and security systems

AA-600 integrates perfectly with VoIP telephony systems (IPPBX) with SIP protocol that can be registered as a normal VoIP phone or in Peer-to-Peer (P2P) mode without a PBX.

Included APP for iOS and Android, PC Sofware

APPs are available for iOS/Android Smartphones, software for Windows PCs is provided for the management of 1 to 16 modules. For larger systems, ADAM management software is available for up to 1,000 modules.

Total Management via LAN, integrated Web Server

Programming, configuration, loading and listening of audio files, firmware update, audio volume adjustment, backup, configuration reset, restart.

Recorded messages

Inside the SD card are recorded sounds and messages for automatic or specific command sending. The messages can be customized by the user and can be loaded remotely via LAN.

Power Supply

The modules are PoE (Power over Ethernet) on the UTP cable, but also allow input from an external power supply.


System Integrators, IP solutions developers



product developed and built in Italy by TEMA which guarantees its support, technical assistance over time, software updating and new future features. Customizations of both hardware and system firmware are possible

Innovative Features and Performances

Technical features

LAN, protocols TCP/IP Network 100BaseTx, SIP 2.0
Degree of protection IP20
Power supply PoE, PoE Injector or Power supply
PoE 802.3af class 0 12,95W
Power supply (Opz.) 230Vac/12-24Vdc-1-2A
Messages/Sounds pre-recorded in the SD internal memory
Technology IMX25 400MHz processor
Memory 256MB Ram, Micro-SD Flash 8GB
Contact rating of the 2 internal relays max 30Vdc – 1,5A
Container material ABS
Operating temperature from -20° to +55°C
Storage temperature from -20° to +65°C
Umidity up to 90%
Installation table, wall, on standard DIN bar
Dimensions 76,5x62x32,5mm
Weight 170gr
Basic Audio Amplifier 2x2W “D” Class
Additional amplifier 20W “D” Class (10W PoE)
Bandwidth 80 – 15.000Hz
Connection SIP Server (IPPBX) or P2P (Peer To Peer)
Microphone omnidirectional electret 30Hz-18KHz
RTP Multicast audio Streaming G.711/G722/16-44,1KHz
Audio Communication Unidirectional and Bidirectional
Inputs from external commands 1 (Alarm) + 1 (Call)
Mobile APP iOS, Android
Acoustic signals tones, pre-recorded messages
Signalings Call LED
Programming user-friendly web interface and password
Warranty 2 years
Compatibility CE, ROHS

NOTE: the modules are designed to be placed in cabinets or in another closed and protected container.

ADAM Management Software

ADAM Management and Supervision Software up to 1,000 AA-600 systems on the LAN network

APP and VideoConsole for PC

  • APP for iOS and Android Management of 4 terminals
  • “Videoconsole” Software for PC Windows XP/7/10, Management of 16 terminals

AA-600 standard versions (The devices can be customized on request for specific applications)

AA-600/… SM51 SM51V SM52 SM52V
Internal Amplifier 2+2W
Microphone, speaker, button sockets
External Keyboard/Keypad socket
RS485/RFID port socket
PoE 803.af internal power supply
External Vdc/Vac power supply input
Internal slot for 10-20W Amplifier
Inputs from external alarm contact 1 1 1 1
Internal relays 2 2 2 2
Socket for external USB camera
Socket for LED illuminator
2nd internal amplifier 20W (10W PoE)

Optionals and accessories

aa697 microfono


High sensitivity omnidirectional microphone, cable for call button, in protected ABS case, wired with connector

ad697-ap3 speaker


Waterproof 8 Ohm-3W loudspeaker in ABS plastic enclosure, incorporating a highefficiency LED indication of call in progress, pre-wired with cable and connector

telecamera ad697


USB HD camera in ABS enclosure wired with 25cm cable and 10-WAY connector


USB HD camera and illuminators board 10 white LEDs, 25cm cable and 10WAY connector

AA697-KV tastiera antivandalo

AA-697/KP – AA-697/KV

Backlit vandalproof keypad for indoor/outdoor use in ABS case wired with 25cm cable and 10WAY connector. Also available in indoor version with plastic buttons


16 additional buttons interface board. The board is an alternative to the keyboard


Steel metal button with 25cm cable


Plug Power Supply 220Vac/12Vdc-1,0A

AA-39D1A, AA-39E3 /AA-39E6V

AA-39D1A - P. Supply DIN 220Vac/15Vdc-1,0A
AA-39E3 - P. Supply DIN 220Vac/24Vdc-1,5A
AA-39E6V - P. Supply DIN 220Vac/24Vdc-2,5A


PoE injector 230Vac/48Vdc 0,5A


250Vac/16A/4KVA power relay, AC/DC 12V/24V control, 1 change-over contact, LED indicator, for loads up to 230Vac-4.000W

AA-697 montaggio su barra DIN


Kit for mounting the modules on a DIN rail consisting of an Abs coupling + 50mm galvanized bracket + 2 screws

AA-697/W4 – W10

4 and 10 way connectorized cables, length 25cm/200cm, free end on the other side


Flash warning lights with Xeon lamp or with high brightness LEDs, with a call in progress they add a light signal to the acoustic signal


IP VoIP SIP phones and video phones for internal stations and VoIP/Multicast calls

AD696/CT Multi-Zone Console

Multicast and telephone SIP P2P multi-function Console and multi-zone from 4 to 256 zones

AD696/BM base, AD615/S IP Encoder

Microphone base with Chime, Multicast analog/digital encoder

APP iOS/Android, AA-Videoconsole

APP for iOS and Android, Software VideoConsole for Windows PCs

ADAM advanced management software

Audio Domain & Access Management Software for Windows PC with Multi-Zone console

NOTE: for additional products and accessories see also the series SipComPoint and SipComStage.


ADAM Audio Domain & Access Management
Advanced software for complete management of all terminals and multi-zone microphone consoles

Learn more >

Announcements Paging and sending of Multicast audio

ADAM is also an Encoder in Multicast channels capable of transmitting announcements from a local microphone connected to the PC on different priority multicast channels, or programmed reception zones, thus transforming the PC into a multi-zone microphone console for the transmission of announcements or pre-recorded audio files. The sending operation can be performed in a few seconds and is interrupted with a simple click.

Audio Quality

The audio of the digital transmission can be chosen in a range up to 44.1KHz for maximum sound quality over LAN.

Software developed in Italy

The software is entirely developed in Italy by TEMA which guarantees the upgrade of the performances and the support over time.

The TEMA complete solutions offer

Tema produces all the necessary components for the realization of IP Paging systems on the LAN network, integrated with the VoIP telephone system, the security system and video surveillance.

VideoConsole for PC, APP for Smartphone iOS e Android
Free software included

AA-VideoConsole is a software that is supplied free of charge with the AD600 series IP audio devices and the AA-500 and AA-600 series IP video doorphone systems, used to monitor and operate from a single location with 16 IP audio devices and/or IP video doorphones. The software can be installed on one or more PCs (without license limits) with operating system from Windows XP/7/10 or later.

The software allows to see the area framed by the camera in IP video doorphones, to communicate and remotely operate the relays of the terminals managed in the network, all from the software window itself.
The PC where AA-VideoConsole is installed must be equipped with a sound card and fitted with speakers and a microphone.
It is possible to display up to 16 scenes/devices at the same time and operating with one terminal at a time chosen from those in the window.

The same version for iOS and Android smartphones can be downloaded for free from the respective Applestore and Google Play stores.